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Safety Switch Tripping Guide

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Over our 29 happy years of serving our communities domestic and commercial electrical needs, Adrian’s Electrics has recognised that the most common call out we get is for the tripping of safety switches. This can be very simple to rectify but still needs great attention and care because there are actually two main reasons why this happens. One which is perfectly safe, the second which is very dangerous so please read this carefully.

The first reason could be that your faulty appliance is ‘leaking power to the earth’. The second is that it could be your wiring that is ‘leaking power to the earth’. You need to do a little simple investigating to determine which it is as the second reason, your wiring, is very dangerous and should only ever be handled and repaired by a fully qualified and licensed electrician.

Electrical switchboard

This is how to check safely which reason is causing your safety switch to trip:


Leave the safety switch off at all times


Next, turn off all the power circuit breakers and try to turn the safety switch back on. If the safety switch stays on you may turn each power circuit breaker back on one at a time. If you notice whilst turning one of the power circuit breakers back on that the safety switch turns off them immediately turn that power circuit breaker back off. This means you have a faulty circuit.


Next you must take a portable electrical appliance, say a hair dryer or lamp for example and go from one power point to the next to determine which ones are not working. Any that you find are not working, make sure there is nothing plugged in to it after testing.


A little reminder to check you have tried every single power point. Don’t forget places like inside cupboards, fridges, range hood, outside power points, and in garages! Also, if you were using an appliance at the time the safety switch tripped, start with that power point first as is the most likely to have the fault.


Once you have determined the power point that isn’t working and have unplugged everything from it, turn the safety switch back on. If it stays on this time, it means your appliance is faulty and was causing the switch to trip. An easy way to check which appliance is faulty is to switch on some noisy appliances like TV and radio and then plug in your other appliances one by one till all the noise goes dead. Whichever you plug in last before this happened will be your faulty appliance.


We are trying to save you money because there are times where you may not need to call out an electrician if you can identify which of your appliances is faulty and causing the safety switch to trip yourself. We do however appreciate that not everyone is comfortable with doing such things and if you are ever in doubt then give us a call and we’d be happy to assist. You should also always call us if you have tried this method of testing your appliances and the safety switch refuses to stay on at all.

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